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Member Spotlight - Crystal Jamison

    March 26, 2017

    Crystal Jamison

    I am a Senior Human Resources Generalist at Con Edison Clean Energy Businesses.  I assist in supporting over 300 employees across the country in the renewable energy field in offices, at solar sites and wind farms.  I handle special projects, acquisitions, benefits, employee relations and new challenges that come up each day. 

    I joined WHRMA looking for direction in my career, to meet my peers and to learn. I am currently a Co-Chair of the Young Professionals Committee.

    WHRMA allows me to learn and explore areas of HR that I haven’t had experience in.  WHRMA is helping me to be prepared for the next step in my career.  It has helped me to create new relationships as well as maintain old ones with previous co-workers.  My network of peers has expanded and so has my passion for this field and my career.  I thrive from learning and meeting new people so WHRMA is a perfect match for me.  The programs each month give me insight to what is next or ideas on how to improve areas of HR in my organization. 

    The passion that I have for WHRMA and what it has given me is what drove me to Co-Chair the Young Professionals Committee.  I want to help those who are new in Human Resources field to meet others who are in the same stage of their career to those who are seasoned professionals, to give them guidance based on my experience and to connect them with others who can do the same.  I started out at a non-profit with an HR team of 3 including myself and that is where I found out about WHRMA.  I was very grateful to have bosses who supported WHRMA and my participation in it.  Not everyone has that so I would like to find Young Professionals and give them that same encouragement and support. 

    Being a part of WHRMA also helped me in my career allowing me to connect with new people such as Susan Zankel.  I worked with Susan at a previous position to create a very positive internship program that was beneficial to my organization as well as to the students at Pace. 

    I’m passionate about being a mother and my career.  I spend my time away from work going to baseball practice, watching my son play tennis and taking my other son to speech.  I plan weekend trips with my family and thrive from the memories that we make.  I also thrive from coming home after accomplishing something at work from finishing a project to creating a new initiative or watching a co-worker succeed.