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Member Spotlight - Andrea Nangle

    March 18, 2017

    Andrea Nangle
    Senior Program Specialist
    Habitat for Humanity International


    I provide consultative support to build the capacity of Habitat for Humanity affiliates through volunteer programming. Primarily, I train, coach and advise site managers in their efforts to implement a federally funded program called AmeriCorps. Support is provided in areas such as personnel management and development, position description and project development, and online system utilization. I work to provide excellent customer service virtually and in-person, utilizing varying strategies and styles based on each individual.  I work with our Human Resources staff to manage member issues, enroll and exit members, and advise sites on recruitment/retention/risk management strategies.  To date, I have provided support for over 42 managers in 6 states who have hosted a diverse group of over 300 AmeriCorps members. I currently manage a portfolio of over 70 potential stakeholders, including 19 AmeriCorps host sites and site managers.


    I joined WHRMA in 2016 and have just recently been able to begin attending its events.  I joined SHRM to meet and learn from other professionals working in the field, enhance my skill set and knowledge base, and network towards new job opportunities in my area.

    Meeting goals through membership:

    I am looking forward to utilizing the online member database, as well as in-person networking, to establish strong mentoring relationships in areas such as employee engagement and training, and organizational development. In the future, I am hoping to see more open-space (free) networking opportunities, and/or monthly educational events focused on member interaction, in order to achieve this goal.

    Fun fact:

    I love to be outdoors. Biking, hiking, playing on the beach, home renovations and listening to live music are some of my favorite activities. I am a DO-er and like to be in motion and taking action whenever I have the choice. 

    Dream vacation spot:

    Tuscany and the Positano Coast in Italy! I’d also love to explore Prague and all of its history and beautiful architecture