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    • Texas Court Ruling Blocking DOL Rule

      Many of you have heard of last week’s court ruling blocking the USDOL’s nationwide implementation of amendments to the so-called “white collar” regulations (“the final rule). Many employers are re-thinking whether they should implement proposed classification changes or pay increases previously slated for December 1, 2016 to reach $913 weekly, the final rule’s white collar salary threshold. 


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    • Workplace Motivation Across Generations | Team Management

      Workplace motivation is a key element in managing an effective and dynamic team, but multi-generational offices require individualized strategies to maintain morale and team building.

      As many older employees will have stayed in the same workplace for a significant amount of time, they value recognition for their loyalty and achievements. Employee spotlights in company meetings or newsletters can show long-term employees that they are appreciated. Meanwhile, millennials typically lack company loyalty, but highly value mentorships and interpersonal communication.

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    • Improving Multi-Generational Communication in the Workplace

      It is widely accepted that respectful and productive communication is the key to team-building and workplace success. Juggling different value sets and communication styles is difficult enough amongst a team of peers, but as people work longer and as millennials enter the workforce, the modern office must confront ingrained generational differences.

      A multi-generational office might have a shared vision and goals, but when it comes down to communication styles, preferences across generations vary wildly.

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